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Perform diagnostic imaging examinations such as X-rays, CT and MRI scans under the guidance of a Radiologist. Prepare patients and operating equipment for tests, keep patient records, adjusting equipment’s based on patient need and test recommended and maintaining equipment. Prepare work schedules such as patient registered for the day, patients scheduled for different test, feedback on the quality of equipment, or manage a radiology department and assistant in overall management of radiology department.


  • Demonstrate performing diagnostic imaging examinations such as X ray , CT and MRI scans under the guidance of a radiologist.
  • Demonstrate preparing patients for radiological scans
  • Demonstrate to understand and determine radiological needs of the patient
  • Demonstrate to prepare the room & patient for the procedure
  • Demonstrate radiological safety measures
  • Demonstrate knowledge about dark room techniques
  • Demonstrate to assess faults in Radiographs and remedy (Machine know how)
  • Demonstrate polite and strategic communication skills, grooming skills, professional etiquettes and leadership qualities.
  • Demonstrate skills to Radiography techniques & positioning
  • Demonstrate skills to manage patient, department in radiological field


  • Nuclear Technologist
  • Radiologist Technologist
  • Radiographers
  • X-ray  Technologist

Earn While You Learn And Pay Your Fees From Hand Some Stipend Earned During Practical Training


Duration: 3 YEARS | Eligibility: 12th SCIENCE/COMMERCE/ARTS

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