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A Graduate of B. Optometry would be capable of offering a range of services as follows:

  1. Examination of Eyes for detecting Defects and Faults of Refraction
  2. Dispensing Correctional Lenses and Eye Glasses
  3. Demonstration of Eye Exercises
  4. Diagnosing Diseases of the Eyes
  5. Treating such Diseases or Referring them for Treatment


Considering the work integrated approach adopted by TISS-SVE, the industry will be open to employ the students attached with them for the purpose of training as full time employees. We can assist in placements after completion of the course, but no guarantee can be given.

In order to be sure about the clarity of vision/eyesight, it is very important to have regular eye check-ups with Eye Care Professionals. But as there is high possibility that, Ophthalmologists won’t be available everywhere, that’s where an Optometrist can help out in treating few of these eye problems.

This course envisages in building an overall expertise in the student with respect to ophthalmic patients to provide them the utmost care, for IPD as well as OPD patients.

Earn While You Learn And Pay Your Fees From Hand Some Stipend Earned During Practical Training


Duration: 3 YEARS | Eligibility: 12th SCIENCE

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