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Medical Laboratory Technology is a Comprehensive Study of Understanding the Importance and Usage of Clinical Laboratory Science which dwells into the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of disease through the use of laboratory tests. Although, the Diagnosis would be done by Physicians, the students gain an Intrinsic Knowledge about the Various Aspects of Laboratory Practice involving how to test samples and tissues in order to diagnose the ailment in time. This Program also throws light into the Necessary Competence which the candidates need to possess in order to become Professional Medical Officers and Technicians in the Laboratory.


Once the student completes the course will be able to work in various Govt./Private pathology laboratories, hospitals as Lab Technician, Senior Lab Technician, Medical Lab Technician, Lab Technician (Part-Time), Lab Manager based on the experience.

Earn While You Learn And Pay Your Fees From Hand Some Stipend Earned During Practical Training

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